“I gave my chooks their first taste of Super Mash today and they couldn’t get enough of it. My chooks aren’t used to different food  but hey polished the lot off in the day! I have already ordered my next bag ready for the next full moon. It was lovely to see them tucking into something I know will do them good, thank you.”
Jill Hutchinson from Milang, S.A

I’ve recently discovered Natural Chicken Health – Super Mash and I’m in love!!  I only have 5 chooks and only 1 was laying and I felt they needed some kind of pick me up tonic  when I stumbled across “Super Mash”, within a week I had 3 chooks laying (and its winter!!), I feel for overall general well-being I can’t go past “Super Mash” 
Carol Otten from Bega, NSW

“My 6 chickens just love Super Mash! I’ve just ordered my second bag. I rushed out on the full moon to mix it all up and it’s so nice to see them all around the bowl tucking in. I think Super Mash is ahead of even watermelon as their favorite! The increase in their energy and brightness is noticeable. It’s a great, good value product and the information Natural Chicken Health provides has added a lot to the way I manage my chickens.”  Alicia from East Sydney, NSW

“I gave my chickens Super Mash first time on the last full moon! My chickens are still laying and seem much healthier even after just one time! I’m looking forward to giving them their next full moon treat! They loved it!”
Linda from Bega, NSW

“I tried everything over 18 months to get my chickens feathers to regrow after they molted, and nothing. They were more than 60% bald. But I gave them your Super Mash every two weeks for 8 weeks and now they are fully covered in feathers again.”
Vanessa from Bombala, NSW

“My hens were looking a little worse for wear until I fed them some Super Mash. Now my tired, featherless hens look like they’ve spent a month in the beauty salon!! Nice red combs, shiny feathers and no bald spots. It’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever bought for my girls!”
Arissa from Malua Bay, NSW

“We fed our girls your Super Mash last full moon. We hadn’t had an egg for months and this week they are back on the lay… Coincidence???”
Jareem from Tanja, NSW

“I used your Super Mash to entice 2 of my chooks back to health after a fox attack . One hadn’t eaten or drunk for 5 days until I (geniously) offered her Super Mash. She had a little to start with then proceeded to scoff it down. I really believe the nutritious mix aided her recovery. Thanks heaps.”
Rian from Bega, NSW

“I have a cross Astro/New Hampshire-Betsy, she is lovely. Well she has had no hair on her head for about a year but since I’ve started the Super Mash she has hair now.. it works!!”
Michelle from Harden, ACT