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Is it OK to give Super Mash to baby chicks?

Chicks need to be at least one month old to have Super Mash. Super Mash is particularly good for your chicks because the probiotics help build good gut biome.


How often should I treat my chooks with Super Mash?

We recommend fortnightly treatment for the first two months and then monthly treatments for ongoing maintenance.


My chooks don’t seem to want to eat their Super Mash

Occasionally there is a degree of difficulty introducing Super Mash to a current feeding program and they turn their beaks up at the taste of the seaweed meal in Super Mash (as do other animals) They will get used to it! 

A few points (that you may well be doing…)

You need to take away all the food the evening before Super Mash morning. 

It needs to be their first feed of the day when they wake up quite hungry. 

Don’t allow them access to any other food until they have eaten all of their Super Mash – this can take all day and into the next morning because it bulks out to quite a bit. 

If it is still there the following day give it a stir and maybe add a little water to freshen it up. 

Remember Super Mash is a treatment, not necessarily a treat but it IS good for them!

Maybe a more gradual introduction of SM by diluting it with other rolled grain or pellets that will mash up with warm water, then increase the proportion of SM each time. You could also try adding a bit of yoghurt.

If they are not used to eating a mash perhaps sprinkle their regular food on top of the Super Mash to get them to taste it.


Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe to use around my chooks?

Yes it is. The DE that we sell is Australian, Organic Food Grade (Amorphous)

The other industrial type of DE which is used in pool filters (Crystalline) should NOT be used around your flock.

The ingestion of amorphous DE is not toxic to mammals but total care should be taken to avoid getting dust into your lungs and eyes. When handling, protect yourself with goggles gloves and a face mask.

DE is particularly great sprinkled into chickens’ dust bath to prevent mites.