Super Mash


Treat your chickens – they’ll love it and lay great eggs!!

Super Mash is a natural antiparasitic treatment that also provides additional nutrients that will boost and vitalise your chickens in a natural and non-toxic way. Super Mash is the perfect supplement to help maintain excellent chicken health in a rural or backyard setting.

Available in 3 sizes:
Pack 1: – 375 grams dry food and 75ml liquid, Treats 5 chickens,
Pack 2: – 750 grams dry food and 150ml liquid, Treats 10 chickens,
Pack 3:- 1.5 Kg dry food and 300ml liquid, Treats 20 chickens,

Bucket:- 5 Kg dry food and 1ltr liquid, Treats 70 chickens

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*Each Pack includes dry ingredients and a bottle containing the liquid ingredients


You can now place a standing order for Super Mash.

Your selected Pack is sent to you each month, or as regularly as you like, in time for the full moon!
You can pause or cancel at any time.

After 10 standing orders I send you a free Pack.

Just leave a message in the ‘Contact’ page above and we can make arrangements.

Additional information

Pack Size

Pack 1 – 375g, Pack 2 – 750g, Pack 3 – 1.5Kg, Bucket – 5Kg