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Super Mash (postage included)

Treat your chickens – they’ll love it and lay great eggs!!

Super Mash is a natural antiparasitic treatment that also provides additional nutrients that will boost and vitalise your chickens in a natural and non-toxic way. Super Mash is the perfect supplement to help maintain excellent chicken health in a rural or backyard setting.

Available in 4 sizes:
500G dry food and 100ml liquid, Treats 7 chickens,
1KG dry food and 200ml liquid, Treats 14 chickens,
2KG dry food and 400ml liquid, Treats 27 chickens,

5KG dry food and 1ltr liquid, Treats 70 chickens

*Please note, the same great product though packaging may vary in some sizes for the time being.

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*Each Pack includes dry ingredients and a bottle containing the liquid ingredients (molasses, ACV & Milk kefir probiotics)


The 5kg bulk bucket of Super Mash offers the most sustainable, best value for money and is increasingly popular, even if you have just a few backyard chooks.

There are about 70 treatments in a bucket which has a shelf life of 18 months. So if you have 5 chooks that would provide over a years supply of super Mash!


You simply measure out 75gm of dry material & 15ml of the liquid per bird. Add further tepid water to make a firm paste. (To treat 5 chooks that would be 375gm & 75ml)



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