How to Treat Your Chickens with Super Mash

Initial treatment: feed to chickens once every two weeks for two months.

Subsequently: one treatment each month to maintain good health.

“The best time to treat your chickens is on a full moon when worms are most active.

Feeding on the full moon also helps you to remember when each month comes around”.

Empty the dry and the liquid ingredients into shallow dish. Add enough warm water to make a firm wet paste.

Give to chickens as their first feed for the day. Only give other feed after they have eaten all of the mash. They may take a full day or two to eat all of the mash.

There is no egg, meat or manure withholding period after Super Mash treatment which means the eggs and meat are totally safe to eat and manure safe to use.

If you buy large or bulk orders of Super Mash you will need to know specifically how much to feed your chickens each time.
This reckoner may be helpful to you.

Number of chickens Dry Liquid
1 75gm 15ml
2 150gm 30ml
3 225gm 45ml
4 300gm 60ml
5 375gm 75ml
6 450gm 90ml
7 525gm 105ml
8 600gm 120ml
9 675gm 135ml
10 750gm 150ml
11 825gm 165ml
12 900gm 180ml
13 975gm 195ml
14 1050gm 210ml
15 1125gm 225ml
16 1200gm 240ml
17 1275gm 255ml
18 1350gm 270ml
19 1425gm 285ml
20 1.5kg 300ml
21 1575gm 315ml
22 1650gm 330ml
23 1725gm 345ml
24 1800gm 360ml
25 1875gm 375ml
26 1950gm 390ml