New look, same great product Super Mash – a specially formulated chicken feed supplement that provides nutrients and probiotics to boost and vitalise chooks, help reduce parasites and keep your chooks healthy, naturally.


Now available in Eco Sustainable, fully compostable bag and best value 5kg reusable bucket. Great value – good for our planet –  moving away from waste and saying goodbye to bubble wrap!!


Super Mash is produced by me, Cheryl Nelson at our Bega Valley business, Natural Chicken Health.

After a lifetime of chook keeping and a lot of research I developed Super Mash and it’s taken chicken lovers by storm!



Super Mash contains 10 ingredients that perform various functions to help keep our chooks well. These ingredients, renowned for their health benefits include:


Milk Kefir Probiotics

▪️Great for gut health

▪️Prevents and treats coccidiosis

▪️Made from ‘milk kefir’ from (Bega Valley) Tilba un-homogenised milk


Apple Cider Vinegar

▪️Supports immune system

▪️Good in times of stress

▪️Improves digestion

▪️Mild antibiotic



▪️Nutritional punch

▪️Rich in potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium

▪️Cleanses digestive tract and intestines

▪️Health benefits to heart builds muscle



▪️Repels mites, lice, ticks and other parasites

▪️Natural wormer (vermifuge)


▪️Improves appetite



▪️Incredibly nutritious – superfood

▪️High in trace elements, vitamins, minerals and amino acids

▪️High levels of ‘prebiotics’

▪️Increases egg production

▪️Strengthens shells

▪️Boosts resistance to parasites and disease

▪️Creates bright glossy plumage


Diatomaceous Earth

▪️Contains high levels of natural soluble silica

▪️Improves production

▪️Builds larger,stronger and healthier birds

▪️Contains many trace minerals


Agricultural Lime

▪️Calcium for eggs and bones



▪️Mite and tick control



▪️Provides minerals and enzymes that aid digestion

▪️Vit A good for vision and B6

▪️Potassium, Vit C, copper, folic acid, thiamine and magnesium

▪️Deepens yolk colour

▪️They love em!


High Protein Bran

▪️Carrier – high in protein


So keep Super Mash up to your chooks!

Chicken owners can grab a bag of Super Mash at over 30 stockists across, SE NSW, Gippsland and ACT, or buy online from our Webstore

Treat your chickens well – they’ll love you for it and lay great eggs!

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