For many of us garlic is known as a champion antibiotic, anti-fungal, vermifuge (wormer), anti-parasitic and all-round immune support herb….very good for our chooks.

It is also thought to improve the chicken’s appetite and the size and quality of the eggs they lay.

☑️Boosts immune system

☑️Repels mites, lice, ticks and other parasites

☑️Natural wormer (vermifuge)


☑️Improves appetite

☑️Enhance quality and size of eggs

☑️ Supports respiratory health of our chooks


Why Garlic?

Garlic is high in sulphur which is toxic to parasites. The level of sulphur an animal can take is linked to its size.

Sulphur helps to fend off many diseases and harmful microorganisms which also can’t tolerate levels of sulphur that are harmless to the birds. Sulphur also speeds healing.

Mites, lice, ticks and other parasites are not as attracted to the blood of animals who eat a lot of garlic.

Further, garlic is a natural wormer and reduces the smell of chicken manure in flocks fed garlic regularly and, thankfully, it doesn’t taint the taste of eggs. Can you imagine the cakes 🤪


How to Serve Garlic to Chickens

Chickens do not readily take raw garlic. Crush a clove of garlic in a litre of water and serve to chickens for an old-time remedy for internal parasites.

Adjust the amount of garlic in the water to your chickens’ taste to ensure they are taking in enough fluids. You can also chop fresh cloves and offer them as free feed, or mix chopped garlic in with other greens.

Or you can chop it finely, steep it in apple cider vinegar, and add both to water.

Small chicks should also be offered crushed fresh garlic, free-choice, early on so they develop a taste for it.



It’s much better to stop worms rather than cure them!

Benjamin Franklin who said ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. He was a smart man – and I bet he wasn’t even talking about chickens!

But he was right, it’s far easier (and cheaper) to keep your chickens’ immune systems strong and healthy and give them the best chance at fighting off illness and infections themselves than to try and treat something after they have contracted it.


Garlic storage

Store fresh garlic at a steady 18degC wrapped in a blanket in a dark dry place. It is the change in temperature and humidity that tends to make garlic shoot and want to grow when you don’t want it to!



Got chooks? Get garlic!


Do not put garlic in a water container made from galvanized steel. Garlic will eat at the galvanized steel leaching out toxic levels of zinc.


Super Mash

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Treat your chickens well – they’ll love you for it and lay great eggs!

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